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Virgin Media launches 50Mbps broadband

by Scott Bicheno on 15 December 2008, 11:29

Tags: Virgin (NASDAQ:VMED)

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Cable TV provider Virgin Media has unveiled its next generation fibre optic cable network and is offering a new broadband package which claims to offer up to 50Mbps (megabits per second) download speeds, which is apparently almost nine times greater than the current average (5.9Mbps).

The new package, details of which can be accessed here, offers ‘unlimited' downloads (an ‘acceptable use' policy still applies), a wireless ‘n' router and dongle and some security software. It costs £51 per month stand-alone and £35 per month if you also have an £11 per month phone contract.

Neil Berkett, Virgin Media's CEO, said "Today marks a historic moment, for both Virgin Media and the UK. As the first ISP to roll out next-generation broadband access, our 50Mb service represents the dawning of a new era of high-speed services in the UK and is just the beginning of what we hope to offer our customers over the coming years."

Virgin Media says it has more than doubled the capacity of the original UK cable network, which means speeds could get up to 200 Mbps. By the end of this year, 40 percent of the network will have access to this new service, with the rest expected to be connected by the middle of next year.


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“It costs £51 per month stand-alone and £5 per month if you also have an £11 per month phone contract.”

Don't you mean £35 with a phone package?
Wow…..a faster way to reach your download limit and get capped!! All for Ā£35 per month :surrender:
The speed is impressive but as mentioned its only a faster way to getting throttled, 200Mbps okidoke lol….

Fair Usage is terrible on VM, anything will cause throttling, even hosting a game with 4+ players will cause throttling because of the outgoing connections VM thinks you're using P2P.
No traffic management, let me guess that doesn't mean that you can actually use the 50mbps 24/7 365.

If it does it will be a miracle and the heavy users will bring virgin's network to a crawl.
They can't even do 20mbit. Laughable they will do 50!