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Morgan Computers acquired by Somerset-based reselling group

by Parm Mann on 9 November 2009, 11:07

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Morgan Computers, one of the UK's oldest retailers of computer equipment is closing its high-street stores to become an online-only outlet.

In addition to the closure of its retail stores, the company, originally started in 1983 as a second-hand camera shop in Tottenham Court Road, London, has confirmed that its e-commerce business at morgancomputers.co.uk has been acquired by Somerset-based reselling group, Bentham Ltd, for an undisclosed fee.

Bentham Ltd, owned by Anthony Moxon, operates a number of other brands including IJT Direct, making-it-green.co.uk and Cartex. Following the acquisition, the new-look Morgan Computers made the following statement:

"We are determined that the Morgan brand will build on its illustrious past with a very substantially larger product portfolio, a much wide range of goods and provide even greater value for money. The tradition of top quality end of line or refurbished product from top manufacturers will be maintained and extended."

Morgan's online business is now based in Somerton, Somerset, and continues to maintain a high level of in-stock goods, ensuring that the company's promise of same-day dispatch remains intact. "Most often orders placed up to 4pm should ship in the same way," says the company.

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That's a shame. They are one of the nearest (and larger) computer shop I have access to and have shopped at. That leaves Yo-yo computing within reasonable walking distance if I need something in a hurry.
Odd, I walked past Morgan on Piccadilly Approach a couple of days ago and it still seemed to be stocked and ready to do business! Definitely sad news if this is the case though - I know we're well supplied with tech retailers in Manchester, but it's never good news when a retailer closes their doors…