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US FCC redefines broadband to mean 25Mbps+ download speeds

by Mark Tyson on 30 January 2015, 10:05

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If you don't get download speeds of 25Mbps or better you don't have broadband, according to a new definition of internet services from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

When broadband first arrived internet access packages offering speeds as low as 128Kbps were labelled as broadband. Until this new definition by the FCC, broadband providers in the US could call any product offering speeds of 4Mbps downstream / 1Mbps upstream, or greater, a broadband product. However time and the internet moves on, so for broadband to retain its meaning it has been redefined as offering a minimum downstream speed of 25Mbps and minimum upstream speed of 3Mbps, reports PC World.

While it could be considered as a simple official semantic tweak it is thought the redefining broadband could give suppliers a kick in the pants. Consumers want 'broadband' and if their internet speeds don't qualify anymore it might spur them to start to look into alternative sources of broadband.

Following the FCC's broadband redefinition things aren't going to change overnight. However the FCC also asserted that broadband isn't being rolled out fast enough across the US and is starting to look into accelerating its deployment. Commissioner Mignon Clyburn stressed how vital broadband with good performance is to the future. She said that new wearables and other connected devices would be "simply gadgets and flashy, expensive toys for us to gaze at, marvel and wonder," without faster broadband speeds. While this speed definition might be positive for consumers some legislation on data transfer caps would probably also be appreciated. Then there is the sticky question of 'net neutrality' with certain high-bandwidth internet streaming services being throttled by ISPs.

In the UK, broadband is any always-on internet service offering downloads at speeds over 128Kbps. UK Basic Broadband offers 2Mbps downstream, UK Superfast Broadband includes any service offering speeds of 24Mbps downstream or greater. Is it time broadband was redefined on this side of the pond?

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So what is it if its below 25Mps? Its not dialup, its not broadband… It's just slower internet?

“Hello I would like your slow internet package please”
So what is it if its below 25Mps? Its not dialup, its not broadband… It's just slower internet?

“Hello I would like your slow internet package please”

You never encountered those applications where you have to fill in your internet speed and it list “ Broadband 4-10 mb ” as highest choice, when you had 100mb for last 10 years… yeh Murica and theirs silly definitions.
Seems like quite an odd idea really, especially with the “slow internet” middleground Dooms pointed out.

I wonder if it would put more pressure on providing more modern speeds if it were to happen over here though. I'm still sitting on 13/1 near Hull, though I think were a bit of an odd case become of KCom's control of the area. Still no fibre in sight here from any providers and no current plans for it either it seems.
11/1 here from BT and it's 5 times the price to go to 30 meg. So really not worth it when I get 4G that rivals it already in my “town”
I hate my DL package. We are happy to inform you that your internet will be getting an increase to a whopping 4/mbs. Sadly the max I can expect is 6.5/mbs for my house but our bill says Up to 24/Mbs. I hate that Up To bollocks they spout.