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Valve's Steam Music Player is out of beta

by Mark Tyson on 26 September 2014, 13:05

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As part of the its efforts to expand Steam's features beyond its core games market Valve has officially released its Steam Music Player from beta. The beta testing of the service first began back in February.

The Steam Music Player will be integrated to be part of the desktop client, making it easier for users to play all the music stored on their computer without the need of having to constantly switch between applications. Users can bring up the music controls by simply pressing shift+tab - as part of the Steam game overlay interface that pops up.

To add music, to access later via Steam Music, users can either manually select folders or auto-scan their drives to import music files. Any Steam Soundtrack DLC installed will be accessible when the associated base game is installed and the player will allow users to "listen to albums, queue up mixes, and create playlists you love, right in your Steam library." The music feature will also likely to be an important part of Valve's much anticipated living room-focused Steam Machine set to launch next year.

Celebration discounts and freebies

To celebrate Steam Music successfully exiting beta testing Valve is giving away the soundtrack DLCs of popular Valve games for free. Your musical freebies include Half-Life, Half-Life Two, Portal, and Portal 2 - but to qualify you must already own the base games/documentary. For those who don't own the above mentioned games Valve has dropped their prices by 75 per cent, until October 1, so you can qualify for the free music DLCs.

This Music Player news follows a Steam Store Discovery Update, implemented on Tuesday. The new Steam Store smartens up the store-front UI and it is intended to make it easier for gamers to find games that appeal to them, based upon their purchasing and playing history.

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It will be a useful addition to those who eventually purchase a Steam machine, personally my gaming rig does not server as my music player so it's not of any real use to me. I have steam on my media PC but that runs WinAmp and I have no desire to switch from using that.
I have all the listed games but the Portal 2 soundtrack is missing :(
I have all the listed games but the Portal 2 soundtrack is missing :(

How do you mean? If it doesn't show up in your DLC list for the game, it should be added to your account upon clicking “Download” from the Soundtrack page (same with the others from their Soundtrack pages).

I recently started using Google's Play Music service to get music on my phone when needed. I still use a separate MP3 player for my car but I don't take it out unless I need to charge it.

This is interesting, I wonder if it is integrated into the mobile app as well…
It's MP3 only at the moment. All my music is in ALAC format. It's too early to say ‘fail’ as I'm sure other formats will be added soon enough.