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by Paul Dutton on 26 January 2006, 14:50

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All Stories Come True In The End...

Several times Mike has told me that he wouldn't sell The INQUIRER for less than a million quid... so I'm more than confident that when Mike is able to retire, he and his family can look forward to a very comfortable time indeed

Congratulations Mike! David and I are real happy for you!

All the hard work, intense pressure and frustration finally paid off mate - we wish you all the best!

Here’s how The INQUIRER editorial team shaped up a few years ago:

UPDATE : Thursday 26th January 2006, 16:49
and here now is the offical line: VNU Business Media Europe buys the INQUIRER

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Has this got any confirmation from anyone? Not that I would doubt your sources or anything :)
No mention of it on vnu.com
heh heh… ye of little faith… :)

'all - HEXUS - stories come true in the end'… :p
LoL, if it doesn't, time to start vnu.tk and buy it anyway :P
I never doubted ;)