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The dirtiest websites are also the filthiest

by Scott Bicheno on 30 November 2009, 11:48

Tags: Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC)

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Dishing the dirt

Security software giant has released a list of the 100 websites its ‘Norton Safe Web' service has identified as the ‘dirtiest'. Before you start suspecting Symantec is deviating somewhat from its core competencies, in this case the term ‘dirty' refers to the amount of malware you're likely to encounter if you visit the site.

However, nobody will be surprised to learn that the list is also dominated by sites that Symantec designates as ‘adult', i.e. porn sites. Over a third of them are of the filthy variety and adult sites dominate the top of the list.

The UK is the fifth largest hoster of these types of site, after the US, China, Germany and Canada. Surprisingly, adult sites are only third in total number, after fake antivirus software sites and multimedia sites. The common theme, of course, is trying to trick or convince users to click on a link that will download some cyber-filth.

Here's the full table. Apologies to anyone offended by any of the URLS and be warned that visiting any of these sites is very likely to result in a malware infection, so don't.



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edit - wooops misread that :D
I am curious as to what number 8 is about, kidsfromtheinsideout, sounds a bit odd. Being the only non adult one in the top 19.

With over 58000 threats, I think I'll survive without knowing.
Based on 25 seconds of research - meaning that I could easily be wrong - it would appear that it's a legit site based around helping out people with problem kids, but the forums attached to the site have been well and truly destroyed and infected.
Thats just ruined someones plan for the evening…:censored: