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Top 20 Android apps account for half of use

by Scott Bicheno on 18 August 2011, 16:12

Tags: Nielsen, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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New research from Nielsen reveals that US Android smartphone owners spend, on average, 56 minutes interacting with apps or the web on their phones each day. However 43 percent of that time is accounted for by the top ten apps, with the next ten grabbing a further eight percent.

This means the 250,000+ Android apps outside the top 20 have to share the minority of the hour US Android users spend prodding at their phones each day. It's hard not to conclude, therefore, that the vast majority of apps on the Android Market are of little value or interest.

The other key bit of data revealed by Nielsen was that, of those 56 minutes, a third of it is spent on a browser, as opposed to apps. To us this is a surprisingly large proportion, and possibly indicates greater interest by developers in web apps - which circumvent the rules and taxes imposed by app store owners. Then again, this could be a well established proportion.



Meanwhile recommendations site Hunch has published an infographic of some of its own findings on what sort of people choose Android or iOS. According to this study iOS is the white-collar, early-adopter brand and Android the blue-collar, pragmatic one.



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Has the long tail wagged in any market ? Or any place other than Chris Anderson's fictional mind ?
i am in the minority windows phone only holds 8% share :( hopefully that will increase as the os has huge potential
Android at 70% more likely to follow, whilst IOS are 27% more likely to lead?

i am in the minority windows phone only holds 8% share :(

8%? well that definetly includes people clinging onto WM6.x then
I was expecting to see good list of top 20 apps but was faced with celebrity-magazine-like stuff…is this Hexus or have I mistakenly went to wrong internets ? :shocked2: