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Tablets not just eating up PC market

by Janani Krishnaswamy on 6 May 2011, 09:06

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Seismic impact

Latest research from Nielsen indicates that the tablet market is heating up in the US and is pulling consumers away from other mobile connected devices. According to the statistics, about 35 percent of all tablet owners who also own a desktop PC are reportedly using it less often or not at all. Nearly 32 percent of tablet owners who also have a laptop computer say their laptop use has reduced.

Besides desktops and laptops, eReaders are also getting hit. 27 percent of those who also own eReaders said the same. Almost a similar percentage of people said they use their media players less frequently than before. It is not very surprising that one in four tablet owners who are gaming enthusiasts and own consoles are using them less often, ever since they bought a tablet.



Among related findings, around half of them revealed that they were sole owners, while 43 percent said they shared the tablet with others. A miniscule 8 percent of them said that while they own a tablet, it is more often used by other household members. The main reasons for using a tablet over a PC were portability and general convenience of use.



According to the recent survey conducted, 82 percent of tablet owners reportedly owned an iPad. Despite the entry of new tablet computers like the Samsung Galaxy and the Motorola Xoom, Apple's iPad continues to dominate in the US market.

Fortune has more details on iPad's market share - the 82 percent share is split "between Wi-Fi only models (43 percent) and 3G + Wi-Fi (39 percent)." However, the report noted that it is "down from the greater than 90% claim Steve Jobs made at the iPad 2 launch event"  Samsung, Dell, and Motorola had a  4 percent, 3 percent and 2 percent share in the tablet market respectively, while others occupied a combined 9 percent share.


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Well you'd be hard pushed to use your computer more after getting a tablet.. since you'll presumably use it for at least a bit of internetting. Something you'd presumably have done on your laptop/whatever if you didn't have one. That's some way off tablets replacing ‘proper’ PCs.
I don't understand how a tablet could be a games console replacement…
Two words:-

Angry Birds
I don't understand how a tablet could be a games console replacement…
It depends what kind of a gamer you are, and how much you use it. To be honest, I spend more gaming time on a PDA these days than I do on my Xbox360, but it's because I can pick it up, play it for a few minutes (or more), and stop, quickly and easily. I can use it when I'm laying in bed, sitting on a train, visiting the in-laws, or …. erm ….. roosting in the bathroom. Hell, I've even been known to play patience on the PDA laying in the bath.

At no time soon, if ever, if a tablet going to replace a console for intense, graphics-heavy games for serious gamers. It doesn't have the sheer grunt, and moreover, doesn't have the screen size or user interface. But that's not the only type of gaming, and it could well chip away at the console market, especially for those for whom the console is not just a games machine but a music or video interface to a Home Theatre or radio server, or a lounge connection to the net, etc. The tablet is a better, more convenient way of doing some of the things people use to justify buying a console. But it won't replace a console as a serious gaming device (IMHO) any time soon.