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Twitter’s founder to join the Huffington Post

by Sarah Griffiths on 16 March 2011, 12:57

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Joining forces

Twitter's co-founder Biz Stone is set to join the Huffington Post as ‘strategic adviser for social impact' while retaining his current job at the micro blogging website.

Stone is apparently one of several big names to join the Huffington Post after it was acquired by AOL for $315m, The Guardian reported.

Stone will reportedly bring his expertise to the publication and the rest of AOL to create a platform designed for people to share their work in a local community, plus a video series  trumpeting exemplary individuals and firms who do more than their bit for corporate responsibility philanthropy.

The appointment comes not long after it was announced that AOL is making big job cuts, axing around 900 roles or 20 percent of its workforce. There are also more rumours that there will be big editorial changes across AOL with Arianna Huffington now at the helm.

A total of 11 new recruits were apparently announced too, including John Montorio, former editor of the New York Times and Los Angeles Times who will become culture and entertainment editor, plus Howard Fineman who will become editorial director and was formerly an analyst for MSNBC and NBC.

"The definition of success is changing as we begin to understand the value of helping others. Arianna and Tim share my vision for aligning corporate resources toward meaningful change," Stone reportedly said.

 He apparently said that his aim in joining with AOL is to "rally companies to think about new ways of doing business, share best practices, and strive for positive impact at all levels - from global to local."

Huffington reportedly said: "Since one of our key goals is to explore and spotlight innovative ways that our company - as well as others - can do good, I'm thrilled that Biz Stone will be our strategic partner in this important endeavour."

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