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DSGi Business reassesses a number of roles

by Scott Bicheno on 28 November 2008, 17:33

Tags: PC World (LON:DXNS)

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Renewal and transformation

We're hearing rumours that at some high-ranking execs at DSGi business - the B2B arm of DSGi, which also owns the PC World and Currys retail chains - face the possibility of at the very least having their roles reassessed in the wake of the electronics retail group's £30 million half-yearly loss.

DSGi Business is subdivided into Equanet, Mac Warehouse and PC World Business. It's understood that all business units are affected.

HEXUS.channel contacted DSGi for comment today and received this official statement:

"We continue to transform the business to further improve our ability to trade profitably and efficiently for our customers. To maintain our competitive position in a tough environment, we have entered into consultation with a number of individuals in DSGi Business. We are actively working with those affected to redeploy them into the organisation where possible."

So it looks like there's some serious streamlining going on at DSGi Business even though it resides within the Computing division, which seemed to out perform the Electricals division in the interim report. With that in mind it would certainly seem premature to rule out similar moves in other parts of the company.


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As we had said in the other thread about DGSi the shop floor will be hit the hardest. I just hope my account manager is kept on, infact I am going to send her boss a letter explaining how impressed I am with her. I hope it helps her out a bit.

We've got a rather large order on the go with PCWB at the moment, the largest item of which has been causing problems for a month now (as in we still don't have it). Finding it increasingly difficult to get answers out of them over that time (it was quite quick initially), so I hope this hasn't started already.

PCWB, unlike PCW, are actually competent and useful in my experience. Would be a big shame if they went downhill as a result of this.
I agree PCWB are pretty goos to be fair.

I am more worried about the loss of PC City (part of the PC World / Dixons setup) …. Hands up if you have ever used them.
The news has already leeked (search for dsgi on bitterwallet.com) of the 600 tech guys staff it plans to axe this Friday. Changes are happening. Let's hope it's not another woolworths.