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Graphics card shipments could drop by a third this quarter

by Mark Tyson on 17 June 2014, 11:21


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It looks like graphics card makers are going to have to brace themselves for a lean second quarter of the year. Reports from graphics card makers, via Taiwanese industry magazine DigiTimes, suggest that there are excessive inventories of graphics cards building up. This could lead to a 30 - 40 per cent drop in shipments in the current quarter.

The graphics card supply-demand mismatch needs addressing, so both graphics card makers and channel retailers would like to boost the demand for their wares with some price cuts, which would attract more buyers. However both GPU makers, AMD and Nvidia, "have instead focused on reducing their new GPU shipments to maintain profits and a balance between inventory and new shipments," reports DigiTimes.

The same industry sources cited the drop in demand of GPUs for Bitcoin mining as a cause of the graphics card oversupply. Manufacturers initially struggled with the high demand from this source, when BTC was all over the news, but miners have since moved to a different computing process to harvest their virtual currency – a process which no longer requires GPU grunt.

The impacts of the swing away from using GPUs to mine cryptocurrency were first noticed in April, says DigiTimes. Since that time the powerful cards which manufacturers had geared up to build more of have been piling up, as the gears of industry are slow to change.

This reminds me of the situation with SSDs two years ago. Rather than cut the price of its NAND to increase demand Toshiba decided to cut production to maintain prices but leave some production lines idle. With any number of competitors in a market and no sneaky collaboration this tactic doesn’t usually work in the longer term.

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Fingers crossed for a market/price crash
Well, as someone who had to pay well over the odds for a GPU, due to BC miners, I can't say I'm sad to hear this.
Who knows - I might even be able to afford to SLI in a second card, or something!
Please, please let the prices drop and then that would be an excellent time to upgrade my GPU to a R9 280x or even if prices really drop a huge amount might even be able to stretch to a R9 290!!
AMD is going to be hurt by this much more than nVidia.
Without more data it seems difficult to say the reason.

Perhaps it's the rise of the APU hurting sales? Perhaps it's the timing of the new consoles (still indirectly APU related I guess!)…..perhaps it's that cards are lasting people longer. Perhaps the tighter times are making people upgrade slower.

So much going on at the moment that could effect the sale of gfx cards, I doubt they could put it down to one thing alone.