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Imagination Technologies to bring Flow technology to more devices

by Scott Bicheno on 12 August 2010, 16:27

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Use your imagination

Did you know that the company behind the PURE digital radio brand also powers the graphics in many of the world's smartphones? You do now, because the company in question is Imagination Technologies.

Underpinning the recent launch of FlowSongs by PURE is Imagination's Flow technology, which it describes as "a new portfolio of enabling technologies for cloud connectivity". The company is reluctant to go into much detail about this portfolio right now, but seeing as Imagination's strength is in licensable low power chip designs, that's the smart money is.

Unlike the designs licensed by the likes of Texas Instruments, Intel and - we assume - Apple for their SoCs, this licensable hardware is combined with a range of Internet technologies designed to provide embedded cloud functionality. We expect the FlowSongs launch to be the first of many examples of cloud-connected consumer electronics products to be announced by Imagination.

"With Imagination's Flow technology, we will enable the next wave of ubiquitous connectivity in all manner of consumer, industrial and embedded products," said Tony King-Smith, Imagination's marketing VP.

"Bringing together teams capable of creating a truly connected product requires such an incredibly broad range of engineering and commercial skills that it is usually not viable for all but the biggest industry players - until now. With Imagination's Flow technology, we usher in a new era of diverse, mass market cloud connectivity, enabling the creation of products never before possible."

"A major contributing factor of the commercial success of our Flow products has been the content, services and infrastructure enabled and provided by Imagination's Flow technology," said Paul Smith, GM of PURE. "Having this solution available to the wider industry is certain to accelerate the growth of the overall internet-connected product market, and we anticipate significant growth in customers for our connected audio products and services as a result."


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