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DDR2 memory spot price drops sharply

by Scott Bicheno on 27 November 2009, 10:54

Tags: DRAMeXchange

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As predicted

Earlier this week HEXUS.channel revealed that memory prices were set to fall in advance of Christmas. Today, that shift has been confirmed by memory market watcher DRAMeXchange.

Spot prices for DDR2 1Gb started to fall after a prolonged rise on 10 November, dropping 15 percent from $2.62 to $2.22 in the following two weeks. Back in mid-July, the same memory would have cost you a mere $1.05.

DRAMeXchange reckons the reason for this fall is a rise in production from the likes of Nanya and PSC, and expects the spot price for 1Gb DDR2 to fluctuate between $2 and $2.50.

On the contract side, prices are expected to remain flat after rising by 82 percent in the past four months. Furthermore, DRAMeXchange reckons contract prices will decline by five to ten percent in December.


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needs to be decreased to 50% hehe
needs to be decreased to 50% hehe

meh, there is enough second hand stuff around now, and its only going to get more plentiful as people switch to 3
forget second hand stuff. i usually buy pc components brand new :lol:
well you would be buying ddr3 then now really, or sodimms, but their price has acted differently than the desktop stuff
I don't see any price reduction. NewEgg still has 4GB sets (2x2GB) starting in the $80 range.

I agree that if it drops 50% I might think about getting some more.