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Intel axes some desktop CPU prices

by Scott Bicheno on 21 July 2008, 12:42

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Maintaining the pressure

There was never any chance that Intel would ease up on the pressure following AMD’s announcement of another big quarterly loss and Intel’s most recent round of desktop CPU price cuts confirms that.

The chip giant’s latest price list doesn’t show too many price cuts, but those it has cut make its desktop offering even more competitive.

It cut the price of one of its most popular quad core processors – the Q6600 – by 16 percent last April and it’s chopped another 14 percent off it today, meaning it can now be bought for $193.

That’s the only quad core cut, but Intel’s dropping the price of its top-end Core 2 Duo processor – the E8500 – by 31 percent from $266 to $183. The next model down – the E8400 – drops 11 percent to $163 and the price of the lower end E7200 drops 15 percent to $113.

The only other price cuts were of three Xeon server processors. The X3220 and X3210 both drop 12 percent to $198 and the price of the E3110 goes down 11 percent to $167.

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Oh, this couldn't come at a better time - I'm just about to get myself a new rig ^_^
Now the question is - Q6600 or E8500?
I'm glad I didnt order yet, when do these prices filter down to us in the UK?
Bah, no mention of the Q9xxx line :(
These are all the price cuts on the latest list.
Time to pick up a Q6600 I think, how long d'you reckon it'll take for the cuts to filter down to the likes of Scan?