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Asus offers UK customers £10 upgrade battery swap for Eee PC 900

by Hugh Bicheno on 2 June 2008, 18:31

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Different specs for different folks

Asus has offered to exchange 5800mAH batteries, at nominal cost, for the 4400mAH cells in the Eee PC 900s it shipped to UK buyers, in recognition of customer expectations that the 5800mAH would be standard, as it is in the USA.

Asus did a free battery exchange in Hong Kong and Singapore to still customer outrage after units sent to reviewers had the 5800mAh, while the shipped units had the lower capacity battery. In the UK, units sent to reviewers came with the 4400mAh, but the company only said it would “probably” ship with a higher capacity battery.

However, in recognition that it has confused the issue by adopting a “different solution” in the UK to the USA, the company has offered a BIOS update that adds about 30 minutes to existing battery life, and will exchange the 4400s for 5800s for £10, plus VAT but including P&P, from 10 June.

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