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3870 X2 UK pricing refreshingly fair

by Scott Bicheno on 29 January 2008, 12:48

Tags: HIS Radeon HD 3870, AMD (NYSE:AMD)

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$1 = 50 new pence

The pricing of AMD's popular new high-end graphics card, the Radeon HD 3870 X2, has reflected a rare acknowledgement of the dollar/pound exchange rate, something not all technology vendors seem to be aware of.

AMD's suggested retail price of $449 has manifested itself in UK retail prices on the £260-£300 range, not far off the £225 strict adherence to the exchange rate would produce and it must be noted that US sales tax is generally lower than our VAT. It's not unprecendented for technology companies to suggest retail prices of the same figure in pounds for the UK as they did in dollars for the US.

In an update on yesterday's story about availability, more stock seems to be trickling into the channel, with a few more retailers and etailers showing product in stock. Having said that, it's still not a deluge, but again it's a better effort than some other recent product launches that shall remain nameless.

Please feel free to make your own nominations for Product Most Difficult To Get Hold Of After Launch.

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I'm quietly impressed by this.
Thank God!!!
I'm so sick of paying like 1.5x the amount the US has to pay for new tech!
I really really hope other companies follow suit! I guarentee that I'll be buying more stuff if they lower the prices to reflect the exchange rate, mainly cos I'll have more money to spend on the stuff instead of getting ripped off in the first place!
Thank you AMD! lol :)
If it was sub-£250 I'd consider selling my 8800GT…
It's actually true for the regular 3870's and 3850's too!

But not Phenoms…which is a shame because it means they don't compete as well on price over here (a 9500 would be in the £110 range) as in the US
Adobe should take a look at this! Their $=£ attitude is nasty.