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RadiumOne brings Social Targeting to Video Advertising

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RadiumOne partners with Diagonal View to meet demand for compelling video content and solves scale issues around supply

London, 17 October 2011: RadiumOne, a pioneer in social targeting, today launches RadiumOne Social Video, which enables advertisers to target more relevant audiences than standard Video advertising, at much greater scale.

In order to do this, RadiumOne has partnered with Diagonal View, the world's biggest independent provider of video content. Through its relationships with content providers, such as ITN, Google and Reuters, it produces entertaining video content that is broadcast on its own video channels. These are then distributed across media platforms such as YouTube, MSN and Yahoo!, where they are watched by over 70 million consumers a month. The Diagonal View team produces over 160 new episodes a month and its content has been viewed almost 1.5 billion times.

RadiumOne Social Video packages the video content with pre-roll ads, places them within an MPU format which is then delivered to online audiences across a portfolio of consumer websites. RadiumOne will allow brands to select the type of video content around which they advertise, put a brand placeholder on the video unit and target their audience demographic at scale.

Additionally, as Diagonal View knows the demographics that watch its respective channels, advertisers can be much more targeted in their approach and can also measure the engagement with their campaigns. The reach of campaigns can also be extended further through RadiumOne's ShareGraphTM, which tracks people's sharing behaviour and identifies their closest social connections on the open Web. The more individuals engage with content and share it with each other, the more RadiumOne can deliver relevant ads, which creates stronger connections between advertisers' brands and the individuals they serve. This leads to greater Click Through Rates, better engagement and an improved ROI.

Rupert Staines, Managing Director of RadiumOne commented: "We are now at the stage where there are more eyeballs than impressions available on the Web. There is a huge demand for video that is not currently being met. RadiumOne Social Video has arrived to disrupt this. Advertisers will now be able to deliver targeted, but compelling messages to pertinent audiences. And they will be able to scale these campaigns even further through our ShareGraph. We truly believe that we are harmonising consumer and commerce by delivering appealing video with relevant audiences across the Open web"

In H1 2011 Ad Spend on Video Display has grown 100% as FMCG advertisers ramp up their online spend[1]. As brands are able to buy premium content, RadiumOne Social Video brings huge potential to those wanting to spread their message across the open Web.

Matt Heimann, Founder of Diagonal View, said: "We're delighted to be working closely with RadiumOne on the launch of RadiumOne Social Video. Our inventory, combined with RadiumOne's social targeting ability, brings a huge opportunity for advertisers to reach a brand new, but highly relevant audience. It has the potential to revolutionise display advertising."

About RadiumOne

RadiumOne is the first online ad network that enables advertisers to target the social consumer in real-time across the Open Web and mobile Internet. Its patent-pending ShareGraph technology meshes traditional targeting technologies with social sharing connections to achieve highly scalable engagement and audience targeting. Based in San Francisco, with offices across the US, the UK and Europe, RadiumOne was founded by online advertising pioneer Gurbaksh Chahal in 2009. To learn more, visit http://www.radiumone.com

About Diagonal View

Diagonal View makes entertaining video content that reaches mass audiences. It distributes it across the world's leading media platforms, such as YouTube, Yahoo! and MSN, where it is watched by more than 70 million viewers a month.

Its dedicated team combines its talent and experience to conceptualize, design, develop and deliver quality videos. Its access to over one and a half million hours of ITN archive footage, from which its editorial team creates over 160 new episodes per week.