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Griffin Sharp takes on cybercrime in F-Secure and Wreckamovie collaboration

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Griffin is a made-for-Internet TV series of fictional episodes about online crime, developed by a web community of enthusiasts on the Wreckamovie platform, in co-operation with Internet operators. F-Secure is supporting the Griffin series by giving its insight into the fight against cybercrime – a real-world battle it has already been waging for more than 20 years.

Watch the newly released trailer for Griffin at www.youtube.com/FSecureNews.

The six-part series tells the story of Griffin Sharp, a good guy with a complex past in the world of cybercrime. The Wreckamovie community is creating the stories, the script and the visuals, and will also take part in the actual filming. Wreckamovie produced “Star Wreck - In the Pirkinning”, the most widely downloaded, made-for-Internet movie in the world.

Each Griffin episode takes place in a different country, and will be produced by local start-up crews and volunteering enthusiasts. F-Secure and the Wreckamovie community are inviting major Internet operators for partnership in this innovative project, which will bring the drama of the fight against cybercrime to millions of people worldwide. This approach will also help consumers understand modern IT threats in a better way.  

Antti Reijonen, VP consumer business and marketing at F-Secure says, “Partnering Internet operators will have the opportunity to have a relevant part in the plot. The social network aspect of the production method also provides a unique opportunity for operators to assemble a community of movie enthusiasts from their local consumer base to participate in the creation of this series.  It represents a totally new category in the history of motion pictures.”

The Griffin series will be distributed free of charge on the Internet.

Speaking at the launch of the Griffin trailer during F-Secure’s SPECIES conference in Vienna, Timo Vuorensola, the producer of Griffin, said, “This trailer is just the pirkinning of the journey for Griffin Sharp. The cybercrime theme has attracted a great response from the Wreckamovie community and people from tens of countries have already joined the production. We are always amazed by the global nature of everything, talent and creativity really is everywhere. The poster art for Griffin was designed in Jakarta, Indonesia and we have already received great input for the script all the way from Australia to Germany and Canada. And now that people can see the trailer and get a feeling for the look and feel of the series, we expect even more people to join the fun of making a cybercrime series together.”

Anyone can join the Griffin community and be part of creating the story at www.wreckamovie.com/griffin.  To watch the trailer, go to www.youtube.com/FSecureNews

The griffin is a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. It is considered to be a particularly powerful and majestic creature, often guarding treasure.
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About Wreckamovie
Wreckamovie is a collaborative filmmaking service created by the makers of Star Wreck, the first crowdsourced, full feature length film to be distributed for free on the internet. Star Wreck has been downloaded more than 8 million times which makes it one of the most (legally) downloaded movies of all time. On Wreckamovie anybody can start their own production, invite a few friends and start making their own film. http://wreckamovie.com