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Fujitsu Releases New PRIMERGY Servers

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Press release

- Powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series -

Tokyo, April 6, 2009 - Fujitsu Limited today announced the release of the two-way, rack-mount PRIMERGY RX300 S5 and RX200 S5 servers in Japan, both using the new Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series.

The servers incorporate enhanced power-switching and cooling technology to improve energy efficiency and help customers reduce their environmental footprint.

With the integration of Fujitsu Technology Solutions into the Fujitsu Group from April 1, Fujitsu continues to strengthen its global x86 server development and manufacturing and significantly improve the product line's price performance. Customers will benefit from globally unified x86 server products based on the same quality standards, enabling them to build highly optimized IT environments at more affordable prices.

Fujitsu's new two-way, rack-mount servers, the PRIMERGY RX300 S5 and RX200 S5, are powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series. Intel released the new processor in Japan today.

The servers are equipped with a new power supply with highly efficient power-switch technology that converts alternating current to direct current, a chassis design that maximizes ventilated surfaces for high-efficiency cooling, and the latest CPU from Intel. With these features, the new models reach a new level of world-class energy efficiency. In addition, color-coded release buttons facilitate easy identification of optional components such as HDDs, resulting in more efficient maintenance and management.
The RX300 S5 is an optimal solution for running datacenter applications, while the RX200 S5 offers high performance and usability in a space-saving chassis.

Product Features:

High-performance architecture supporting virtualization
1. Powered by the latest Intel® CPU
o The Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series offers better performance per watt and supports new technologies like Intel's Turbo Boost Technology and QuickPath Interconnect (Intel® QPI).
o The use of the low-voltage Intel® Xeon® processor L5506 maintains the high performance of the 5500 series CPU while improving the server's energy efficiency.
2. High-speed memory
o DDR3 1066-MHz Registered DIMM (PC3-8500) memory is used to support virtualization environments. It can accommodate up to 144 GB of RAM.
o The server supports memory mirroring, in which the same data is written over a pair of channels for redundancy, and memory sparing, in which memory modules are organized into groups of three, with one module in each group held in reserve so that it can be switched in if a correctible error occurs.
Improved performance per watt and usability
1. Performance per watt
o A new power supply unit with a power switch 5% more efficient than previous models is used, compliant with the ENERGY STAR Program.
o Compared with previous models, the cooling efficiency has been dramatically improved to reduce heat emissions and save energy. Server components within the chassis are arranged to enhance air flow, with the fan unit directly cooling the processor, memory and other high heat-emitting components. In addition, the ventilated surface area has been increased by 17.5% compared with previous models. These enhancements allow the fan to run at lower speeds, which saves energy and reduces noise.
2. Usability
o Color-coded release buttons make regularly maintained optional components more visible. A system ID card is installed in the server for recording equipment-specific data.