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AOC & MMD’s combined growth is double the market growth

Tags: AOC, Philips (AMS:PHIA)

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After showing stagnant growth throughout 2017, the European monitor market displayed an increased growth at a rate of 8% in the first quarter of 2018, with AOC and MMD, brand license partner of Philips, together growing at double this rate, by 16% year on year. The combined market share of both brands meant that they achieved number one position, with AOC showing a volume increase by 28% compared to Q1/2017. 

  • AOC has shown a significant growth and the second highest increase in sold volumes in the last quarter with 28%, which is more than a three times increase of the total European monitor market. 
  • AOC and MMD, license partner for Philips monitors, have increased their volume compared to Q1/2017 by 16%.
  • The overall market for monitors continued to grow, thanks to the appeal of high resolution (QHD and UHD), ultra-wide, curved and large sized monitors, as well as innovative technologies which contribute to greater productivity and ease of use. The key factor was also the growing gaming sector.

Amsterdam, 21 June 2018 – According to the latest figures from the analyst Context, the monitor market in the wider European region grew in the first quarter of 2018, from January to April by 8% year on year. According to Context, large screen sizes (24.5” to 35”) and innovative technologies contributed to this growth, while the market share of displays smaller than 23-24” continued to decline. Considerable growth areas also included displays with QHD and UHD resolution.

In the 31.5ʺ monitor size segment, AOC managed to grow their market share from 0% to 27.3% in just one year (Q1/2017 to Q1/2018) becoming the leader in this segment. AOC is also the market leader in the 35” monitor size segment with market share of 30.9% in Q1/2018. In greater display sizes, Philips dominates the 40” and 43” display sizes with 36.9% and 40.8% market share, respectively.

The growth of AOC and Philips monitors continues, thanks to Philips’ own innovative, green solutions such as PowerSensor, which detects the absence of the user and cuts brightness by 80%, the pop-up webcam which can be tucked away for increased security, or the productivity-boosting and functional USB-C docking station connectivity. AOC’s success lies mainly in broad range of gaming monitors, including ultra-competitive 240 Hz displays and exotic 35ʺ ultra-wide monitors.

AOC and Philips have achieved a staggering combined result of 15% market share in Europe and have reached the leading position in the first quarter of 2018. Out of 22 countries/regions in Europe, both brands together hold the first position in the market in 11 countries/regions, and the second position in six other countries/regions.

”We at AOC and MMD have been working on more and more innovative features in many different areas such as design, image quality, ergonomics and user friendliness as well as environmental friendliness. These innovations captured the growth of volume and we keep increasing our market presence each passing quarter,” says Stefan Sommer, Director Marketing & Business Management, Europe.

In the UK and Ireland, the monitor market grew by 6% compared to Q1/2017 and the combined growth of AOC & Philips was three times as high, at 18%. Philips grew even more than this amount, with a 35% growth and a 1% market share increase in the same period. Considerable growth areas include 31.5” high resolution monitors for AOC; while for Philips it was larger displays, and B2B oriented displays with innovative features such as PowerSensor and USB-C connectivity.

“Currently we’re in the fourth position on the British Isles. The new elegant, 3-sides frameless designs and extensive set of features in the B2B and B2C sectors of both brands continue to attract new customers. We have a particularly high market share in large-screen displays, from 31.5”-35” for AOC and 32”-43” for Philips.” states Paul Butler, Sales Director UK and Ireland MMD and AOC.

About MMD

MMD is a wholly owned company of TPV established in 2009 through a brand license agreement with Philips. MMD exclusively markets and sells Philips branded LCD displays worldwide. By combining the Philips brand promise with TPV’s manufacturing expertise in displays, MMD uses a fast and focused approach to bringing innovative products to market. MMD serves the Western European markets from its headquarters in Amsterdam. The Eastern European and CIS markets are served by a local office in Prague. Through its network of local sales teams MMD works with all major IT distributors and resellers. The company’s design and development centre is located in Taiwan.

About AOC

AOC is one of the global top brands in the display market. High quality, first-rate service, attractive designs as well as environmentally friendly, ergonomic and innovative products at competitive prices are the reasons why more and more consumers, corporate decision-makers and distribution partners trust in AOC. AOC offers displays which cater to every type of user, be it for professional, home, entertainment or gaming use. AOC is a subsidiary of TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest LCD manufacturer.