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Imagination Technologies and Green Plug agree partnership to develop and promote energy management technology

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Press release

Imagination Technologies Group plc ('Imagination', LSE: IMG), a leading provider of System-on-Chip (SoC) Intellectual Property (IP), and Green Plug Inc. (‘Green Plug'), a leading developer of digital technology enabling smart communication between electronic devices and their power sources, have entered into a co-operation agreement that will enable Green Plug to deploy Imagination's META processor and related IP cores in the next generation Green Plug energy management solution.

With Green Plug technology any mains or DC supply can power any device, resulting in a far simpler and greener end-user power and charging experience. Under this new agreement, Green Plug will use the market-leading real-time processing capabilities of Imagination's METATM processor to form the basis of the next generation of Green Plug Power Processor TM technology for power supplies.

Green Plug chips in consumer devices will enable them to take advantage of Green Plug's unique protocol to exchange power information through the power line, connecting power adapters and electronic products equipped with Green Plug's chips.

The result will be a smarter DC power adapter that can be used to: supply power to any device; automatically shut-off when not needed; negotiate dynamic power use so that the minimum power is used; reduce wasted and redundant electronics; and serve power to multiple GreentalkTM-enabled products concurrently.

As part of the partnership Imagination will be offering a soft IP core allowing semiconductor and OEM companies to easily implement Green Plug client functionality for integration in future consumer electronics SoCs and devices.

Additionally Imagination's PURE division, a world leading radio maker, will enable its popular digital radios to accept power from Green Plug smart power adapters.

Under the terms of its licensing arrangements Imagination receives license fees and royalty revenues on SoCs incorporating Imagination's IP shipped by partners. Consideration for this agreement has equity and cash elements.