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COMPUTEX 2009: AMD senior VP and product GM Rick Bergman

by Scott Bicheno on 9 June 2009, 16:54


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Fusion, finally?

Rick Bergman was one of the most senior executives at ATI when it was acquired by AMD in late 2006. He has headed-up the GPU side of things since the acquisition, but has recently been promoted to run the whole products group, which includes CPUs and chipsets.

In this exclusive interview with he talks about what it's like to suddenly be given this extra responsibility and how he wants product development to evolve under his leadership.

The term ‘fusion' is never far from the conversation, and not just because it lurks in triplicate in the background of the shot. The fusion between the CPU and GPU was touted as a big justification for the ATI acquisition. But this combined processor has yet to make an appearance and the deal has hardly proven to be great news for AMD shareholders so far.

Fusion is also the concept behind AMD's current product strategy, which hopes to capitalise on AMD's unique position as provider of CPU, GPU and chipset to deliver complete PC platforms. It is, of course, AMD's new slogan too.


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