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Lian Li wide-boy chassis and hinged mATX case on display


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PC-D600 and PC-V358 boast novel interiors.

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So Corsair and Lian Li are releasing double width cases. Lian Li have done this before and no doubt will be alot more than the Corsair offering… Although the Lian Li does seem more practical for a double width case. Wonder how much …. Ā£250 ?
those are some nice cases, might just have seen the upgrade to my v350 :)
So the D600 is an updated Lian-Li PC-343 - only took them 6/7 years to get around to it. Looks like the PSU is mounted with the fan up… Did they not bother putting a PSU fan hole in the bottom with a filter.

My experience on Lian Li cases is they are weak and rattle. Lankool were much better and cheaper.
whats the fascination of seeing the inside of the computer? i think its stupid to add led in cases.
I've never seen a case that was windowed on both sides before, i have to say that I don't really like all the bells and whistles. But this case looks pretty swaggy.