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Hands on with the Roccat Power-Grid


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Turn your smartphone into a PC gaming companion.

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Interesting product. Great if you already have an iPhone. Clearly it has a lot of potential uses, some more gimmicky than others.

Not really sure why you would need your Skyrim map and spells on there, since those are only one button on your keyboard already, but things like sound levels and media player controls would be very useful. Fan speed control would be great, too, and would eliminate the need for a controller on your case.
I want that keyboard! If I can give me phone commands, through Siri, using my gaming headset, that'd be just perfect :D

There was no mention of when it'll be available, is it already out there?

There's only one problem that I have with such things, they don't take into account people that have cases on their phones, which, frankly, is often the case. (Pardon the pun)

EDIT: For anyone that's interested, you can apply for the beta here: http://www.power-grid.roccat.org/?page=beta
Shame you have to have an iPhone, would be far more interested if it was an NFC or bluetooth device.
well we know what roccat are trying to be now … glad i steered clear.. don't own a i-phone and never will ..
I liked the keyboard idea but I think I would want a numeric keypad when I'm not gaming. It would be great if they had a removable keypad that could be replaced with a power grid smartphone holder so I can use the config that suits the task at hand plus it would make it easier to update the keyboard if I changed my smartphone to something else like a Galaxy S3 for example.