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Zero-G over Vegas: Are you HEXperienced ?


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Thundering across the desert skies, at impossible angles, does mad things with the Earth's ability to hold you down - as HEXUS.tv discovered while out at CES with our compo winners [Appetiser - more to follow!]

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I am soooooooo jealous !

Me too - I had to put up with them rubbing it in.

So our 2 winners were out there with us - Daniel and Ken - it was ace - and I hope they had a great time.

The last guy in the video is Ken…. he was more than insane! :)
Ken is one hell of a character!

And Daniel, well, he leads a secret life… with great power comes great responsibility! :)
Ken looks absolutely crazy!!

I'd love to have a go at that.
W00t! That's me on the hexus homepage.

Zero G geeks FTW :rockon2: