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Richard Barnes, London Assembly, on a Million Quad Cores


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Head of the 7/7 committee, dedicated to keeping London safe after the explosions in London on 7th July 2005, Richard Barnes explains what he would use a Million Quad Cores for...

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HEXUS Forums :: 3 Comments

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Having heard so much about ‘facial recognition’, it is nice to finally see some great real world applications - like victim support and crime prevention coming along…

…the example of the families of victims having to walk from hospital to hospital with a picture of a loved one who may be dead/injured is very powerful

I can sort of see where he was going, but that video was horribly put together and didn't have much direction to it.

Turn's out it's part of a series of interviews posing the question. Not very clear on that point.
…part of a series… …not very clear on that point…
I am going to deduce from what you are saying that an intro-piece is needed to set the scene - OK - point taken - will do

I guess when we are working on 4 or 5 programmes in a row - it all seems clearer !

More info next time - promise :)