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Lian-Li reveal their brand new V2000 chassis to HEXUS.tv !


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Due to be launched in March at CeBIT 2008, Lian-Li's product manager, Hank Chen, gave HEXUS.tv's cameras an exclusive look at their brand new, top-end, enthusiast-class chassis monster complete with 'beauty' refinements!

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Brilliant - fianlly something worthy of replacing my current v2000 :D removeable motherboard tray AND the orientation for the board is the right way up too - ace - now the heatpipes on my motherboard will work properly!!

Now to cram my watercooling in it and Im good to go :D
this new version might make me wait a bit to replace my case, esp with changing to water. but as vrykyl said, nice to see them with a removable tray and the right orientation :mrgreen:

any rumours on price yet?
The orientation sucks if you're planning on cooling more than just the CPU and GPU, and it's bad for cable management too. I just hope they give as a chance to use inverted ATX, give us both.

On top of that, they had to make the bottom section smaller. Now I just can't fit two triple rads down there, no way. They should have made it bigger, at least as roomy as it was in V2000. Now all that space is just getting wasted. In V2000 it was possible to fit a single stage phase changer down there without cutting a massive hole at the middle panel. Now it just won't be possible.