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HEXUS Dragon Tour 2007 :: Exclusive look inside Lian-Li's Taipei HQ and factory facility


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Hand crafted from quality materials, using special machines cost ~Ā£250,000 each, Lian-Li chassis are famous the world over. HEXUS.tv was invited inside by Product Manager, Hank Chen, to see product being made and hear about their plans for PSUs and expansion

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A nice video enjoyed watching it good job.
(those laser cutting machines are awesome)
interesting video, wooden pcs chassis, that would be nice :)
I went round the first part personally - it was very interesting to see how much work goes in to these cases.

It always amazes me how much manual labour goes in to making something which we can buy relatively cheap in the UK (esp when you take off VAT, Retailer and Distributor margins!)
T'was really interesting to see how my case came to be.

It's great to hear they're expanding with a new factory. It's always been a pain having to source parts internationally, so with more stock being created maybe more will be available over here.
Very interesting.

Did they mention if they were gonna start answering questions in their forum? :p