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Review: Coolermaster ATC-110-SX1

by James Morris on 30 April 2002, 00:00

Tags: Cooler Master

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Design Features

PSU Fitting

PSU fitment has been address more than adequately. Simply you insert the PSU from inside the case then screw it in place. This is the easiest method by far. There is no messing around removing plates or top panels. There is plenty of clearance inside between the drives as well. So changing PSU's is also easy. There is a lots of space at the bottom of the PSU for the bottom fan. Nothing obstructs the airflow or these types of PSU which is good news.

Switch Gear

Its nice to see that Coolermaster haven't scrimped on the switch gear. The buttons are both aluminium. They have a bright silver border with a brush finish in the centre. They look very nice indeed. Also its great to see that Coolermaster listen to the modding community and have used blue LED's for both hard disc and power. The blue light looks extra nice on the ATCS 110 , as it flows down the channel above and below for extra effect. A nice touch is that the cables are tied together with a little clip that can be stuck to the case just to keep everything nice and neat. All cases should have one as is always causes a mess having lots of spare switch cabling.

Strengthening and Cooling

Coolermaster have gone out of their way to make this case very structurally strong. It has extra strengthening on the motherboard tray. It also an extra support strut down the right hand side to make it even stronger. The left hand side is not left either with extra width on the corners. This still leaves the possibility for modders to add a window to the left hand side without it being blocked. The cooling as with all Coolermaster's is excellent, there are four fans (All ys-techs) in the same layout as normal. Two at the front blow in then one on the top and one at the back extract the heat. The overall cooling is slightly better than the Coolermaster ATCS 200 on my setup. I think due in part to the slightly larger size.