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Review: Coolermaster ATC-110-SX1

by James Morris on 30 April 2002, 00:00

Tags: Cooler Master

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Internal Layout

Open the door

Opening the door of the case is a joy, its held shut by two small magnets which hold it firmly in place. The hinge is very smooth, with no noise , it holds the door open at the position you wish as well. Revealing the drive bays, presents you with the normal Coolermaster aluminium bay plates. Note as usual the top one is not supplied with the case, this is the normal Coolermaster practice but its still annoying, particularly on a case of this cost. There are 4 x 5.25 bays, this is the right amount for nearly everyone. The ATCS 101 has one more but 4 is fine for me. There are also 2x 3 1/4 bays. I don't have a floppy disk personally as I think it should be confined to the history books, but there are still those of you requiring one. The only problem I can see with door is that clearance is going to be tight, normal drives will fit fine, those of you with a SBlive platinum or similar will run into problems as there simply isnt the room Rheobus's and baybus's will also be a no no unless they are recess.

Getting inside

As with all coolermaster cases this is a breeze to get into. The sidepanels are held in by 2 thumbscrews each. These are easy to remove but the sidepanel is sometimes difficult to grip , the sidepanels on the new ATCS 200 with the handles would be preferred but I can't say I ran into any problems. As with all the coolermaster cases the motherboard tray is removable , this again is held in with thumbscrews so its really simple to remove. The ATCS 110's motherboard tray is much more substantional than other Coolermasters , there is much more support which is a good thing to see in the days of heavy heatsinks and dual CPU motherboards. The tray itself is huge with lots of room for large motherboards.