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Avexir seeks crowdfunding for its jet fighter inspired S100 LED SSD

by Mark Tyson on 27 October 2015, 13:01

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At Computex Taipei this summer we saw Avexir launch some new LED and plasma lit memory modules. The PC enthusiast component maker showed off some new ASUS ROG certified memory modules in the gaming brand's famous colours. Hoping to spread its LED and plasma light enhanced shenanigans to other key PC components Avexir also showed off products intended for PC storage duties; it had both PCIe M.2 and 2.5-inch SSD products at its Computex booth.

Avexir has had a few months to mull over its SSD plans since Computex, and it seems like the original 2.5-inch SSD plans weren't ambitious enough to please the management. Yes, it had an LED enhanced logo and edging around the drive with breathing effects but the final version looks quite different.

An IndieGogo page has been set up to help crowdfund development of an SSD with an all new 'jet fighter' design enhanced with LED lighting effects. In Avexir's own words the refined, tuned and improved 2.5-inch SSD design utilises an "Aggressive casing by using multiple layers of combined high-quality materials and special curve design is to give you a unique hardware experience." The crowdfunding is seen as a way to help secure enough pre-orders to pay for tooling to make the unique SSD case.

Avexir says the S100 series SSD uses a new generation high performance JMicron controller, and "cutting-edge original NAND Flash". Performance is "not an issue," it insists, and it quotes sequential read/write speeds up to 540MB/s and 450MB/s with 80k IOPS random 4k write. The new drives will be made available in 120GB /240GB/ 480GB capacities, in various LED colour options, and come with a three-year warranty.

Backers can save about $10 off MSRPs via IndieGogo with free worldwide shipping. For example a 120GB drive with white, blue, red, green or orange LEDs plus matching Core DDR4 Memory 4GBx2 modules is priced at $135. That's about £88, you just have to worry about import tax when it is shipped, I would think. Shipping is expected as soon as mid November.

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A mainstream manufacturer seeking crowdfunding for marketing a SSD. Really? Next we will have Intel doing it for their next overpriced cpu or Microsoft doing it for the next X-Box.
You need a crowdfunding campaign to stick some LEDs to an SSD? Knob off
You want me to fund an LED device that only has one colour per choice and only ‘breathes’?
It doesn't have a range of patterns and multiple lights that I can do funky things with like, say, the Crucial RAM I already have?
And you only make it in stark white instead of other colours, including the classic and ever-fashionable black?
Mmmm. Tacky.
Wow. Just… wow.

And I don't even mean the good kind of wow.