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More IDE flash

by Steve Kerrison on 29 September 2006, 11:42

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Having a nosy around Super Talent's stand at IDF, we ran into a 4GiB flash drive with integrated IDE controller.

OK, so 4GiB isn't exactly the 32GiB TDK started sampling recently, but still, it's interesting for two reasons. Firstly, Robson's put flash memory in the spotlight as a means of reducing laptop power consumption and speeding up load times.

Secondly, if you want a cool and quiet PC to put somewhere in the house, and you have a network with some phat bandwidth, something like this would be great for the OS; keep the rest of the files on NAS...

The biggest problem, as we see it, is the 16MB/s data rate. Not exactly Robson-esque in speed, is it?

Super Talent Flash IDE

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Looks interesting, but whats the cost going to be? That would be the make or break point, for me anyway….
Whats the life of one of these drives compared to a norma hard disk, I've read they garentee 1million write/erase but don't knoow how this relates
Looking good, any ideas on how long before it comes to market?
Just been given some info that says the device only manages 16MB/s. Not so great :\
How does that speed compare to a normal 2.5" hard disk?

EDIT: i asked this in the thread about the TDK 32gb flash drive and the opinion was that normal hard disks can manage

50mb/s +

Problem is, I dont care about transfer speeds, its the speed it takes to read files that is important on an htpc.