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Blu-ray spec finalised, licensing underway

by Steve Kerrison on 7 January 2006, 11:50

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2006 International CES

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has announced that the Blu-ray disc specification has been finalised, paving the way for makers to jump forward with news of Blu-ray products.

The battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray rages on, and there's still plenty to fight for, with this announcement of Blu-ray's finalisation prepping them for the next scuffle. Both 25GB and 50GB disc formats have been specified; larger capacities than HD DVD, but some think other issues may threaten Blu-ray's chances of being the dominant disc standard.

Licensing of BD-R (writeable Blu-ray discs) and BD-RE (re-writeable) started on the 26th of last month, with the final specifications actually finding approval on the 2nd of January. The BDA say we can expect Blu-ray discs and products on the market "over the course of the next few months". And so we wait.


HEXUS.pr :: The BDA's press release.

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