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LaCie straps 1TB hard-drive in ruggerdised enclosure: Rugged XL is born

by Tarinder Sandhu on 15 April 2009, 11:32

Tags: Rugged XL, Lacie (EPA:LAC)

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Storage specialist LaCie has upgraded its Rugged series of, well, ruggerdised external hard drives with the XL model.

The Rugged XL, designed by canny Scot, Neil Poulton, ships with a 1TB internal 3.5in hard-drive that's protected from mishaps by an aluminium caddy enclosed inside a rubber sleeve and, LaCie says, an internal bumper that stops the drive from moving around if knocked over.

Shipping with eSATA, USB2.0, and a host of software, the drive ain't cheap, retailing at $160 and, wouldn't you just know it, £160, including VAT. Since when was the dollar-to-pound exchange rate, including taxes, at 1:1 - don't get me started on that.

Considering that Tesco currently etails a stylish-looking Iomega 1TB external drive for £69.97 - with further discounts possible - you're paying an awful lot for a bit of rubber.

Price it at £99.99 and you have a winner on your hands, LaCie, but £160 is just too much, we reckon. Your thoughts, please?

Official specifications here.

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I use a Freecom toughdrive to backup my work files every day, then sling it in my bag so I have an off-site backup of my most needed data in the event of a disaster. Of course I don't need 1TB for myself, but I am sure there are plenty who do.
Surely something like this is more appropraite for a 2.5“ portable power over USB drive that people are likely to be carrying about with them? Give me a 500GB 2.5” drive in the same idea, (but not with the same markup), and you'd have a winner

Can't quite see the market myself for this, who hauls about these 3.5" external HD's with their power adapter and needs ‘protection’? for Ā£90 more?