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Silicon Power launches expandable USB flash drive

by Parm Mann on 23 September 2008, 11:07

Tags: Ultima 155, Silicon Power

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We're always fond of the obvious-but-useful gadget, and Silicon Power's Ultima 155 USB flash drive could be exactly that.

The Ultima 155, pictured below, is available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities. Should you need more room, you'll find a useful microSDHC expansion slot at the rear.

It's compatible with microSD and microSDHC memory cards, and measures 57.3mm x 18.0mm x 9.2mm. Not a bad little idea, and it doubles as a microSD card reader, too.

Official press release: Silicon Power introduces Ultima 155 USB flash drive with microSDHC card reader, expanding storage capacities

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This would have been great around two years ago. With the cost of flash memory so low these days, its hard to see how this would be worthwile purchase.

Its still great to see variety though.
why not just add another USB slot on the back, so you can daisy-chain the flash drives..
probably just a bit too much power required for that
Doesn't this sound like something they've done, “because they can”?! Maybe there are people who need this, but as impossible said, memory is so cheap these days.

I do like the idea of daisy-chaining usb sticks!
Fiddly & pointless tbh, especially when flash memory is so cheap. ‘May’ be useful for storing/editing/reading cards from mobiles if you dont have a reader handy, but that's about it.