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Blu-ray and HD DVD live in harmony on one disc

by Nick Haywood on 11 January 2008, 01:43

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RiDATA unveil dual-format HD disc

CES 2008 So whilst we’re all worrying about which bit of kit to buy for HD playback and which format we’ll support, RiDATA have taken the unusual step producing not a dual format player but a dual format disc!

Now, forgive me for seeming a bit jaded, but what’s the point? Even supposing you cover all the bases and buy players/recorders for both formats, why would you want your discs dual format? If you want to do BD work you’ll use a BD disc and the same goes if you want to do HD DVD stuff.

But there’s more value for the pre-recorded market as perhaps games publishers or film studios will pick up on it. You could release dual format in one box, on one disc and then you just use whichever side is right for the player you have. That’ll annoy the hell out of the PS3 fanboys… having to buy a box with an Xbox 360 logo on it.

Storage capacities are standard for now, but expect a dual layer version coming soon(ish).

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Nothing new, same as Warner TrueHD discs which they wanted to introduce a little while ago - except I assume these are (re)writeable.