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Official: It’s not how long it is but how long it lasts

by Nick Haywood on 11 January 2008, 01:42

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So says SentrySafe’s Sondra McFarlane

CES 2008 SentrySafe are perhaps the most paranoid people on the planet, either that or they’re in need of a large dose of both Prozac and Xanax. They’ve come up with a super secure HDD enclosure that’s not only extremely fire resistant but also water resistant… I mean, come on, how many disasters can you possibly have to deal with at once?

But joking aside, the SentrySafe fire safe and waterproof enclosure offers up an affordable solution for backing up important data. Ok, so you can do that with most external drives. Where the SentrySafe enclosure differs is that it can keep the 160GB Maxtor drive inside the sealed unit safe from temperatures of 1550⁰F for up to 20 minutes and from immersion in water for up to 24 hours.

The thinking behind the SentrySafe solution is that the average house fire reaches that 1550⁰ temperature for around twenty minutes… by that time the fire is either being tackled by the firemen or the whole thing is burning itself out… I know that you’re thinking that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get into the burnt out building and retrieve the enclosure within that twenty minutes, but that’s fine, it’s not how long the SentrySafe enclosure is in the fire but how long it’s subjected to that top temperature.

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On the waterproofing side, the SentrySafe FIRE-SAFE/Waterproof enclosure is ETL verified waterproof meaning it is fully submersible for up to 24 hours, which might well come in handy for anyone living in the North of the UK when it starts really raining again next year. When I asked Sondra McFarlane, director of marketing communications for SentrySafe, about the depth of water the SentrySafe FIRE-SAFE/Waterproof enclosure can stand, she told me that it’s not about the depth but the duration… so it don’t matter how deep you go it’s all about how long you can last…

Sondra has promised us a sample for labs testing and, superbly, for extreme testing with HEXUS.tv, so keep ‘em peeled for that.

Oh and in case you’re interested the SentrySafe FIRE-SAFE/Waterproof enclosure comes ready fitted with a 160GB Maxtor drive for $339.99 or an 80GB version for $259.99 and, should the worse happen, your house catch fire and then flood, SentrySafe will do the data recovery for you…

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:lol: how did I know that was gonna be a post by Nick
Trig;1307788']:lol: how did I know that was gonna be a post by Nick

Suppose there's little to worry about if your house does catch fire, and then watch as the firemen squirt copious amounts of water at it for fun.

Just stroll (swim) in, detach the thing from your PC - which looks as if it had been in a battle in tank of thermite, though no doubt was just powered by a QTec - and then walk out again, with that smirk of ‘I know more than you do’ written across your face. Head for the nearest pub where the realisation doubtlessly sets in that you hadn't actually done a backup for 4 months.
wont take long for it to reach 1550 degrees with that maxtor inside
wont take long for it to reach 1550 degrees with that maxtor inside

Exactly what I was about to say - my IcyBox enclosures with Maxtor drives in them need a fan on them to keep them reasonable temperatures. The Seagate, however, is fine…
Is that what you say to all the ladies Nick? ;)

Interesting drive and also drive choice - maxtors get a bit toasty. I know I have 4 of them and now my raditors are off in my room lol

I cannot wait to see the hexus.tv clips.