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LaCie announces four external hard drives and an LCD display

by Parm Mann on 8 January 2008, 11:56

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Versatile storage solutions and a display for professionals

HEXUS CES 2008 coverage

There's a selection of new offerings coming from Lacie at CES and here is what's on offer:

  • Little Big Disk Quadra
    Dubbed as the "most powerful mobile drive available", the Little Big Disk Quadra is geared toward demanding applications such as video editing and available now at £329 (inc. VAT). It features:
    • Up to 500GB in a powerful, handheld storage device
    • High speeds of up to 110MB/s via e-SATA or 80MB/s over FireWire 800
    • Quadruple interface with FireWire bus power for true mobility
    • Sturdy, aluminium heat sink design with amazingly quiet operation

  • LaCie d2 Quadra
    The d2 Quadra, available in capacities of 320GB to 1TB is available now at £109 (inc. VAT) and features:
    • Unique design for superior heat dissipation while conforming to any work environment
    • Universal connectivity: eSATA 3Gbits, FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0
    • Highly robust for intensive use, plus easy plug and play capabilities
    • Bundled with advanced EMC Retrospect software for Mac and PC

  • LaCinema Premier
    This multimedia hard drive is a USB solution for storing entire media libraries. Available now at £299 (inc. VAT) its key features are:
    • Up to 1TB multimedia hard drive for movies, photos or music
    • Plugs directly into a TV for instant viewing
    • Silent operation to ensure optimum movie experience
    • 1080i video upscaling via component output

  • LaCie Big Disk Extreme+
    Lacie's Big Disk Extreme range gets an eSATA and USB 2.0 upgrade and is available in 1TB, 1.5TB, and 2TB capacities. Expected to land in February, the Big Disk Extreme+ will start at £195 (inc VAT).
    • Huge capacity, astounding speed with eSATA 3Gbits connectivity
    • Built-in RAID 0 for superior performance
    • Sturdy, versatile design; no configuration needed
    • EMC® Retrospect® advanced backup and recovery software

  • LaCie 324 LCD Display
    Lacie claim to be "targeting the needs of creative professionals" with this 16:10 S-PVA equipped panel. It'll be available come the end of the month for £579 (exc. VAT) and features:
    • Wide Gamut panel and 10 bit gamma correction
    • Up to 1080p video with Faroudja DCDi® enhancement technology
    • Picture-in-Picture displays 2 out of 4 sources simultaneously
    • Optional, state of the art blue eye pro calibration tool
Little Big Disk Quadra d2 Quadra LaCinema Premier Big Disk Extreme+ 324 LCD

Official press release: LaCie Announces Five New Solutions At CES 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada

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