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Microsoft launches Windows 10 Update History site

by Mark Tyson on 10 February 2016, 10:31

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Microsoft has started-up a dedicated Windows 10 Update History page. The page was created to provide more details about past and current updates to the OS. As new updates are released you'll see a summary of important product developments on the page with links provided for reading further details, if applicable. The site might be worth bookmarking, depending upon your interests and occupation.

A Microsoft spokesperson provided some background information, on the decision to launch the Windows 10 Update History page, to ZDNet, "After listening to feedback regarding the level of disclosure for Windows 10 updates, we decided to implement a new system for communicating updates to the operating system. Today we are rolling out the Windows 10 update history site, a hub for the release notes that will accompany each update and serve as a historical record of prior release notes". As ZDNet mentions, Microsoft's Windows and Devices chief Terry Myerson indicated last October that a user-facing site would be started up to document updates for Windows 10.

If you head on over to the Windows 10 Update History site you will notice that two Windows 10 updates are listed, these just began rolling out yesterday, 9th Feb. There are two separate updates here and you will be getting one or the other as Microsoft is currently maintaining two distinct Windows 10 branches. Version 1511 is the November branch most consumers will be using, but some Pro/Enterprise users had the option to defer that update so are on the initial branch, from July.

Whichever branch of Windows 10 you might be using, the 9th Feb update provides "quality improvements and security fixes" - without any new features being introduced. The specifics in each update vary but also cover similar things such as the Microsoft Edge browser - fixing its browser caching while using InPrivate browsing is common to both. To read more you can head on over to the Windows 10 Update History page.

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I am quite pleased by the speed of Win 10 updates to be fair
would be nice if they added a link into the ‘settings > update & security’ page to link to the update notes. so everything's in one nice handy to use place.
like there is in every other version of windows.

maybe add the filesize of the update aswell, for people who are on limited connections.

just some basic quality of life improvements. :)
I am quite pleased by the speed of Win 10 updates to be fair
Do you mean that they're on the ball in getting critical updates out, or that the updates themselves don't take an age to apply?
Just curious because my rebuilt gaming PC got Windows 10 on Sunday and I've not seen any updates other than a Malicious Software Removal one, and that went in pretty fast (Intel he a core and 32gb memory should have speeded that up though).
Actually quite liking 10 so far, although I seem to have lost Samba access to my router (has an SSD hung off of it)
stevie lee;3605846
… maybe add the filesize of the update aswell, for people who are on limited connections. …

Not exactly a solution to the above, but one of the nice features of Win 10 (iirc it actually came in with Win 8) is the option to tag network connections as metered if you don't want Windows to download updates whilst using that connection.
“… and to your left you can see the update that resulted in irrevocably wiping the personal data of approx. 100.000 users…” ;)