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Windows 10 is now running on 9 per cent of the world's computers

by Mark Tyson on 4 December 2015, 11:11

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Windows 10

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The latest data from NetMarketshare suggests Microsoft's Windows 10 adoption has slowed but it is closing in on the ancient Windows XP. Microsoft's latest OS has been generally available for four months and has now captured 9 per cent of desktop OS market share, however that's just 1.1 per cent better than figures from a month earlier.

Looking at the figures another way, Microsoft now has 148 million Windows 10 PC users under its belt. That's 15 per cent of its target to get Windows 10 on a billion systems by mid-2008, reports ComputerWorld.

It has been almost two months since Microsoft last publicised a Windows 10 adoption figure. Back in early October we heard from Microsoft that there were "more than 110 million devices already running Windows 10," with 8 million of those being business users. We could get an official update soon, as 150 million users may be judged by Redmond spin doctors to be a figure worth publicising.

The slowing adoption rate may be troubling for Microsoft managers. Data from another usage statistics firm, StatCounter, almost tallies with the NetApplications data with only a slightly different 1.2 percentage point increase in Windows 10 adoption showing during November. In October the gain was 1.4 points, September 2.3 points and August 5 points.

Back to the NetApplications data, we see that historically Windows 10 is still a big success as it continued to grow faster than Windows 7 did during its first four months following release. StatCounter, however, puts the two OSes neck and neck four months in.

With the holiday season upon us Microsoft could get a nice boost to its Windows 10 figures if there are enough Windows devices stuffed in people's stockings. Industry sources have tipped Windows-dominant 2-in-1 computers for success in the coming months, as people move their preferences away from simple tablet devices.

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Maybe when they start forcing people to upgrade to Windows 10 in 2016 it will manage to beat the adoption rate of an OS people paid 120 odd quid for when it was released. :handbag:
I wonder how many people have used windows 10 and then gone back to the old os…. it's not like there hasn't been any privacy, compatibility or update issues with windows 10.

My mums work computer had the ‘pop up’ for windows 10 a couple of nights ago but due to the lack of tech support at her workplace (don't go there) she doesn't even know if it's ok to upgrade to it, so we select ‘no’ and it goes on to download the files anyway.

As I've said before I like MS but they're being rather underhand with their approach to getting people onto windows 10 and I can only assume there is an ulterior motive. Maybe me and Saracen (:p) aren't in the minority anymore when it comes to Windows 10 and being suspicious of its future intentions. Or maybe it's all the reports of bad updates after updates which you can't stop….
Wow, over 10% still on XP….
That's 15 per cent of its target to get Windows 10 on a billion systems by mid-2008

Now THAT would be an impressive acheivement… ;)

Have to say I'm really liking Windows 10. Got it on my laptop and on my new Tablet (early Christmas present) and it works well in both desktop and tablet modes. Having previously bought into all things google for the easy integration of my email/docs/storage with Android, the ability to do exactly the same thing with my desktop/laptop/tablet has me firmly signed up for MS now. It's not like I was really doing anything with my soul anyway ;)
MS attempted to reinvent the wheel. Unfortunately instead wheel we got triangle now. Nobody in the right frame of mind thinks that “10% market share already OMG!” claims are reason to be cheerful. W7 required only a month or 2 to rack up 30%. There is simply no way I will ever get on 10. Already purchased 2 additional W7 licenses and testing linux distros for potential switch. As for Win Update it was disabled long time ago. Another WinMe moment.