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Windows 10 Threshold 2 to arrive on 2nd November, says report

by Mark Tyson on 22 October 2015, 12:03

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Windows 10

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According to the trusted sources of well known Windows pundit Paul Thurrott, Microsoft will release Windows 10 Threshold 2 during November. A more precise release date is put forward by WinBeta, which says the 'Fall Update' will appear on the 2nd November. For Joe Public the update will be labelled as 'Windows 10 Fall Update' or 'Windows 10 November 2015'. The Windows version number is expected to take a new form, and it will be identified as version 1511, a number made up of the combined year and month of release.

Windows 10 Threshold 2 won't just be a gaggle of bug fixes but is expected to bring along some new features to the OS that might affect you. The main new features are said to be a pre-installed messaging app which will integrate Skype – this was previously seen in Insider Preview builds. SMS texting will come to desktop PCs thanks to Cortana, various improvements in Microsoft Edge will materialise, and there will be a new media creation tool.

Outside of the included apps/tools in Windows 10 the OS itself will benefit from various tweaks to the UI including; more Start menu customisation options, custom colour title bars (so you don't click the inactive area by accident when trying to manipulate windows, and to make it look better), new icons and improved context menus.

Mr Thurrott highlights a series of changes coming to the mechanics of installing, activating and updating Windows. Current Windows 10 users will find that the Fall Update installs automatically just like a security update. Thurrott says that users will be able to upgrade straight to 'Windows 10 Fall Update' from other versions of Windows such as Windows 7/8.1. If you PC is already activated it won't need re-activating. Push Button Reset feature PCs will be updated so their recovery tools will reset your PC to a fresh Windows 10 Fall Update install.

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Bringing back colour to the title bar is good, although, whilst at first I kept missing it in order to drag windows around now I'm quite used to it.
The best thing about the coloured title bar, is that the text auto-changes to black or white depending on the colour you use.
The best thing about the coloured title bar, is that the text auto-changes to black or white depending on the colour you use.
And it's only taken them 3+ years to fix it! I still don't like the fact you can't even choose your own colour and have to use one of the few presets.
A “Fall Update” doesn't sound too good outside of North America. Perhaps “Autumn Update” would be more appropriate. Unless they actually expect it to fall down.
Can we remove the code that makes you wait 0-10 seconds for the ‘start menu’ to pop up.

Any version of windows where it takes longer to run applications is a step backwards.