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A million people registered for the Windows 10 Technical Preview

by Parm Mann on 14 October 2014, 12:00

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Microsoft has announced that a million people have already registered for the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Introduced at the turn of the month, the Technical Preview is designed to give PC experts and IT pros an early feel for Microsoft's next-generation operating system, which the software giant claims will be a "huge collaborative project."

In stark contrast to Windows 8, which many feel wasn't what users were asking for, Windows 10 is intended to be "a Windows that everyone will love and really enjoy using."

Over the coming months, and in anticipation of a 2015 release, Microsoft will be using the Windows Insider Program as a key avenue through which to source end-user feedback. We're told that "over 200,000 pieces of user-initiated feedback" have already been submitted, with Microsoft now "hard at work poring through all the feedback, categorizing and processing it, and cycling it back into our development."

According to Microsoft, nearly two thirds of all Windows 10 Technical Preview installations are on actual PCs as opposed to virtual machines. "This makes us confident that a lot of the feedback is based on “medium-term” use and not just a few minutes of experimentation," says Joe Belfiore, CVP of Microsoft's Operating Systems Group.

Users wanting to keep tabs on progress are being advised that a new build is "coming soon," though there are currently no clues as to which changes will be implemented. Going by the top user requests, something as simple as having the ability to move/disable the new taskview buttons could be high on Microsoft's list of priorities.

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Long as my Asus ROG theme works on it I'll be happy enough to give it a go even with that start menu. I'm still not convinced bout the tiles :-/
Long as my Asus ROG theme works on it I'll be happy enough to give it a go even with that start menu. I'm still not convinced bout the tiles :-/

me either, tiles just look bad.. though i iirc i did winge about vista/7 looks too :shocked2:
Looking pretty good to be honest, only problem I've found so far is the wireless driver doesn't work after waking from sleep and the aircard driver is from Win 7 days and looks ancient
After about a week of exploring it I, who disliked much of Windows8-and yes I tried it for about 3 months before dumping it- think there may be real possibilities of a general acceptance of Windows10 as it develops over the next 6 months. However Microsoft would do well to think about easing its entry by means of subsidised or free versions when it launches
I've signed up but not bothered to install it yet. It's missing too many features for now; mostly all of the touch friendly bits (gestures mostly) that are needed when you are not using a kb/mouse.

The good news is that it looks as though you can disable the new (old) start menu and stick with the start screen instead, so that is encouraging. I'll await a touch friendly build before giving it a try though :)