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CyberLink PowerCinema Football Edition for footie fanatics

by Bob Crabtree on 31 May 2006, 08:09

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With kick-off in Germany little more than a week away on May 9, World Cup Fever is building and with it a tidal wave of products and services intended to feed our insatiable footie appetites. So, it came as no surprise over the weekend to learn that Cyberlink - perhaps the biggest of Taiwan's consumer software houses - is making its own contribution, the snappily-titled PowerCinema Football Edition.

This, the company says, is a "complete TV entertainment suite designed for football fanatics" and consists of five "major" applications.

PowerCinema lets you watch and recording TV programmes from a PC's tuner; MagicSport is reckoned to make it easy to find and browse game highlights; MagicDirector is for automatically editing video; and MakeDVD is, well, have a guess. Yes, that's right - and it also lets you author and burn photo discs and create audio CDs. Last of the bunch is LabelPrint, and if you don't know what that does you've clearly never burned, ripped or authored and aren't going to start any time soon.

Gagging to know more about this 100 Euro package that comes bundled with an analogue/digital PCI TV tuner and could be in your hands before the first ball is kicked? Well, wait no longer - just cast your eye down to check out Cyberlink's very own press release.

Having done so, you might then like to give us your thoughts in the

Revolutionizing Digital Video Solutions - CyberLink Announces PowerCinema Football Edition

A complete digital home software suite for watching, recording and burning football TV programs

Taipei, Taiwan----May 29, 2006----CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), a world leader in digital home solutions, today revealed a complete TV entertainment suite designed for football fanatics, CyberLink PowerCinema Football Edition.

The CyberLink PowerCinema Football Edition includes five applications each with its own special features:

* PowerCinema for watching and recording TV programs
* MagicSports for finding and browsing football game highlights
* MagicDirector for editing videos automatically
* MakeDVD for authoring and burning video and photo discs, and creating Audio CDs
* LabelPrint for creating stylish disc labels and jewel-case inlays

The limited edition CyberLink PowerCinema Football Edition is the first product to include intelligent video analysis technology based on CyberLink’s MagicSports software. By eliminating the need for viewers to manually fast-forward to the best parts of each game, MagicSports allows consumers to quickly locate the beginning of key football highlights, such as goals and near misses. Exciting moments can therefore be replayed instantly, allowing users to watch their favorite highlights over and over.

“CyberLink PowerCinema Football Edition is more than just an entertainment center, it’s a complete platform for recording, editing, burning and watching football games on the home computer,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “Featuring technology powered by MagicSports, MagicDirector and MakeDVD, PowerCinema Football Edition lets football fans quickly browse through the highlights of each game - saving lots of time in keeping up with this year’s World Cup competition.”

CyberLink PowerCinema Football Edition offers these championship features:

Football Game Highlights with MagicSports
* Location of exciting football moments
* Fast access to highlights for goal replays
TV Recording and Playback with PowerCinema
* Scheduled recording via electronic program guides
* Recording and live time-shifting of TV shows
* Digital/Analog hybrid TV tuner card for accessing TV via a PC
* Brighter images with CyberLink Eagle Vision technology
* Optimum performance on both widescreen and standard-sized monitors with CyberLink Pano Vision technology
* PowerCinema football-styled interface
Video Editing with MagicDirector
* Video capturing, directly from an analog or DV video camera
* Automated editing of recorded video content, with effects and styles featuring new football designs
DVD Authoring and Burning with MakeDVD
* DVD authoring and burning, with disc menus featuring new football designs
* Burning of music, video or photo discs
Disc Label Designs with LabelPrint
* 12 new football styles for creating disc labels
* Support for LightScribe and LabelFlash discs
* Support for printable discs such as Ritek’s Printable Inkjet Discs
Multimedia Entertainment
* Virtual surround technologies for maximizing the performance of multi-channel audio hardware
* Dynamic slideshow transitions and support for music soundtracks while watching digital photos

Coinciding with the new product release, CyberLink, in cooperation with disc maker Ritek, has launched the World Champs online event for football fans, letting users download free disc designs, share their designs online and win their own iPod Nano, Xbox 360, Ritek inkjet-printable 25-disc football pack, CyberLink PowerCinema Football Edition or CyberLink PowerDirector.

To access the online event, please visit:

Product Availability and Pricing
CyberLink PowerCinema Football Edition will be shipped in a boxed version starting 7 June and is available in English and German. CyberLink also offers OEM versions to PC and CE manufacturing customers supporting a customizable range of language options and TV features.

CyberLink PowerCinema Football Edition is available online for USD 110.00 or Euro 99.99.

English version
German version

PowerCinema Football Edition includes the LifeView FlyDVB-T Duo digital/analog TV tuner card. The PCI-based tuner card supports DVB-T digital TV reception and NTSC, PAL and SECAM analog reception. Support is provided for s-video, composite video, analog audio, and FM radio input.

CyberLink MagicSports Football Edition, the standalone retail version of MagicSports 2, will be released online early June.

About CyberLink
CyberLink Corp. is the maker of award-winning applications PowerDVD, PowerDirector, PowerCinema, and DVD Solution. CyberLink has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, competitive products that add value to OEM customers and end-users alike. Business partners include leaders in the PC hardware industry: drive manufacturers, graphics card makers, and top desktop and notebook brands.

CyberLink’s digital multimedia range includes software for capturing and editing videos, authoring and playing DVDs, and burning Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs. CyberLink’s digital home products offer complete solutions for accessing, sharing, and enjoying content within the digital home: TV, video, photos, music, and DVDs. These include advanced connectivity solutions that enable the anytime, anywhere entertainment experience across PC, CE, and mobile devices.

CyberLink’s eHRD solutions provide tools for developing and managing human resources. CyberLink listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (5203.TW) in 2000 and has posted positive year-on-year results ever since. CyberLink has operations in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific including Japan, with its worldwide headquarters located in Taipei. For more information, please visit:

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