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CyberLink leads the way with MediaEspresso 6

by Navin Maini on 27 July 2010, 14:29

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From smartphones to gaming consoles, if you're hankering for a piece of handy media converter software, Cyberlink is eager to spill the beans about its next-generation solution - MediaEspresso 6.

MediaEspresso 6 is brewed with the ability to convert any audio, video or photo file to a format compatible with an array of devices - ranging all the way from the venerable iPod, iPhone and iPad, to games consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Google Android and Windows Mobile powered devices certainly aren't left out in the cold either, with the feature-set casting out the compatibility net to an array of devices - from the likes of Blackberry, HTC, Nokia and Samsung.

Cyberlink's nifty TrueTheater Technology intuitively enhances video quality during the file conversion process and saddles up with Smart Detect Technology to auto-detect devices, thereby delivering the correct file without the need for intimate knowledge of file formats.

In the speed stakes, MediaEspresso 6 is apparently no slouch. Optimised to take advantage of Intel's 2010 Core family of CPUs, plus CUDA and Stream technologies from NVIDIA and AMD/ATI, respectively, Cyberlink touts its solution as being 'ultra-fast'.

If social networking support is high on your list of priorities, MediaEspresso 6 reaches out to you with support for Facebook and YouTube, thrown into the mix for good measure.

Cyberlink offers a free trial version of MediaEspresso 6 via its website and, we are told that pricing ranges from £14.99 to £34.99 for the downloadable upgrade and full versions, respectively.

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Is it riddled with annoying adverts on dialogues like PowerDVD?
Pity that Cyberlink don't spend their time on sorting out the problems with PowerDVD 10 before releasing yet another money maker
The article
Cyberlink's nifty TrueTheater Technology intuitively enhances video quality during the file conversion process

Have you just copied and pasted their marketing babble?

There are plenty of free programs which convert to specific devices already. Handbrake and AutoMKV to name 2. There are bound to be plenty of others.