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Microsoft Windows 8 hits RTM, MSDN downloads on the 15th

by Alistair Lowe on 2 August 2012, 09:04

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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It's official folks! Microsoft's latest and greatest, Windows 8 OS, has made it to RTM (Release To Manufacturing). This means that the operating system has completed all of its pre-release testing and has been and is, in fact, still being sent, to OEM partners as we speak.

For developers who are lucky enough to have MSDN accounts, you'll be able to download the final version on August 15th, this also goes for IT professionals with TechNet subscriptions. Firms with Software Assurance and Microsoft Partners will have their chance the following day, August 16th. Microsoft Action Pack Providers (MAPS) will gain access on the 20th, whilst Volume License customers without Software Assurance will have their turn on September 1st.

Microsoft Windows 8 RTM

For the unprivileged, we still have to wait all the way to October 26th to purchase an upgrade copy at the grand price of $39.99 (£?), however, no doubt some resourceful users may place their hands on the goods before this date, in what now seems common practise with Windows releases.

It's perhaps worth noting that, along with Windows 8 developer availability on the 15th, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 will also exist beta and be available for download. So for those lucky enough to be in one of the aforementioned programs, happy downloading in two-to-four weeks.

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Thanks but no thanks. I use a desktop pc and have an HTPC. For the desktop pc I want a grown up OS not the “Big Ears and Noddy reading primer” version that is only suitable for tablets and for the HTPC as Windows 8 does not support out of the box DVD or Blu ray playback it is completely useless
Funny - when XP came out , people called the UI “fisher Price windows” ;)
I'll wait a while before I look more seriously at this - that frotn panel is a joke, turning my pc into a smartphone, thanks.

If I were microsoft I'd be tightening my sphincter - Android is linux based and opengl satisfies both iOS and Android the linux/android/ios market is massive and growing whereas the pc market is flat in comparison…microsoft need win8 to fly on all formats else they're soon going to be outnumbered and outgunned by the Linux/Opengl combo.

For ubuntu/android and OpenGL they're no doubt entering a phase where we will see massive investment and development (so that cross porting from phone, to tab to console to PC and iphone to ipad to imac even is easy as 123) at an equally expedient rate.

So if windows8 fails to impact the phone/tablet market whilst retaining it's PC market share, all of a sudden there's an opportunity where Microsoft with directx/windows/bloatware will meet a crossroads and could acquire something to remain dominant, become more open to compete or become obsolete.

Selina Kyle said it best “There's a storm brewing…….” the field of battle is set and it's gonne be great to see how this one unfolds.
Funny - when XP came out , people called the UI “fisher Price windows” ;)

Yes I remember it well. I also remember how terrible the new taskbar was in 7. etc.

I don't think the Metro stuff is quite right yet but it doesn't get in my way so I don't see the point in getting upset. Whether MS are right or wrong with their new direction the underlying OS (and the traditional desktop) are much improved. I'll be upgrading on the 15th - currently on the RP build anyway at work.

As for everyone abandoning Windows - yeah, heard that before - not gonna happen. At worst people will stick with XP or 7. Interesting promoting cross porting given that's exactly MS' strategy..
Funny - when XP came out , people called the UI “fisher Price windows” ;)

Don't forget “teletubby” :p