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Microsoft giving security software away to SMBs

by Pete Mason on 24 September 2010, 12:11

Tags: Security Essentials, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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A major cost - and headache - for businesses of any size is software administration and licensing, especially for smaller companies who don't always have dedicated IT staff.  Now Microsoft is helping to keep these costs just a little lower by offering its Security Essentials suite for free to companies with fewer than ten PCs.

The program will be available in early October, and is the same one that has been free for home users since last year.  The well-received package is light-weight and offers malware protection that is at least comparable to other free and commercial offerings. 

Not only does the software offer anti-virus protection, but it will take over spyware duties from Windows Defender, which is automatically disabled upon installation.  More details can be found in our preview of the software from shortly before it launched.

Of course, while this move might seem charitable, Microsoft could be seen as giving with one hand as it takes away with the other.  Most small businesses will have to purchase costly licences for both Windows and Office, especially where there isn't a knowledgeable IT professional to administer - or even suggest - alternatives.

Nonetheless, Security Essentials is an excellent alternative for smaller businesses and at a time when bottom lines are being squeezed, the price can't be beaten.  While it won't be the solution for everyone, Microsoft is suggesting it as ideal for companies in need of a "set it and forget it" solution.

More details can be found at the software-giant's SMB blog, while the business version of the software should be available in the coming weeks from the Security Essentials site.

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It is a real improvement on the previous attampts by MS to control Security. It's free, it works painlessly and from all accounts I read and from my own experience it is right up there with the paid for software.
Aye, I have replaced Avast on all my and family's computers and that was proven as free, small, fast and effective. But Security Essentials proved its match and there's not much to choose between them. At least MS Sec Essentials doesn't need re-registration every year and also has the malware/spyware detection built in…
If the Microsoft software was secure in the first place we'd not need this. They're not doing any one ANY favours tbh.
If the Microsoft software was secure in the first place we'd not need this. They're not doing any one ANY favours tbh.

you do know we've moved on quite a bit since windows NT ?
Also… Windows is the only operating system that has been shown to have an security flaws ever. True story.