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Apple quietly drops Boot Camp from OSX Server

by Pete Mason on 25 August 2010, 15:05

Tags: Mac Pro, Mac mini, Xserve, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Apple's Boot Camp may not be the only way to dual-boot Windows or Linux on a Mac, but it makes the whole process a lot easier.  From providing a boot-loader to arranging the MBR and installing drivers, the software makes the task almost completely painless.

However, Apple has now removed support for Boot Camp from all new Macs shipping with the server edition of OSX.  By way of a note quietly added to its support site, the company announced that computers shipping with the OS will no longer include the required software.

Of course, this probably won't be an issue to anyone buying one of Apple's Xserve blade-servers, since most admins will either stick with OSX Server or know how to install a secondary OS.

However, the server operating-system also ships on some models of the Mac Pro and Mac mini.  We can easily imagine owners of an Apple workstation wanting to set-up and work in multiple different environments.  Without Boot Camp, this will be a much less streamlined process.

Again, with a small amount of wrangling it will still be possible to dual-boot OSX Server edition and another OS.  However, it's odd that Apple would decide to remove this seemingly innocuous - and quite useful - feature without offering any explanation as to why.

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