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Mozilla offers to help EC in Microsoft investigation

by Scott Bicheno on 10 February 2009, 10:13

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Mozilla

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Ganging up

Mozilla, creator of the open source web browser Firefox and principal competitor to Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) web browser has announced a desire to help the European Commission (EC) in its investigation of the bundling of IE with Windows based PCs.

The EC sent Microsoft a statement of objections last month, in which it expressed concerns that the automatic installation of IE in all Windows PCs gave Microsoft an unfair advantage over other browsers and thus could be determined to be uncompetitive.

In a recent blog posting, Mozilla chairperson Mitchell Baker referred to the EC statement: "Microsoft's tying of Internet Explorer to the Windows operating system harms competition between web browsers, undermines product innovation and ultimately reduces consumer choice." She said "In my mind, there is absolutely no doubt that the statement above is correct."

Baker goes on to stress that the relative success of Firefox in penetrating Microsoft's dominance of the web browser market doesn't diminish the ECs claims. "A single anomaly does not indicate a healthy, competitive, or innovative system," she said.

In conclusion Baker says: "I'd like to offer Mozilla's expertise as a resource to the EC as it considers what an effective remedy would entail."

This could spice up and possibly even hasten the EC's case; it look five years to conclude a similar case concerning Windows Media Player. Do you think Microsoft is abusing its position by bundling IE with Windows? If so what do you think should be done about it? What browser do you use? Let us know in the HEXUS.community.


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Aaaah, blessem, how thoughtful …
Aaaah, blessem, how thoughtful …

Yeah bless em :/

I suppose they have to do something, if Google gets any further with Chrome I reckon Google could do themselves a favour pulling the donations to Mozilla and continuing with their own browsers :P

Although I still don't get why they are saying it's unfair that IE is bundled with windows :O_o1: I mean, OS X you have Safari forced upon you out the box, most Linux distributions force firefox on your these days and Windows comes with IE. They are all as bad as each other, if they are going to do one rule for MS and a rule for the rest, they need to make all OS's come browser free imo.

Notice how Opera has kept well out of it, they don't have any OS tie's and they make probably one of the better browsers out there but still they don't moan about an unfair market.
This is silly. Of course Microsoft should bundle IE with Windows. If someone buys a PC and have no other computers. How are they expected to download an alternative browser? You need IE installed to be able to download other browsers. Besides, what about Mac OS X and Safari? I'm not defending IE in any way as I am an avid Chrome user but I'm sure that people just like to attack Microsoft.
Way I see it is that people have the choice to use whatever they want regardless of what is installed with the machine. I installed Firefox for my mother in law but she still prefers to use IE.

This seems to keep popping up and biting MS in the rear every few years!

Isn't IE actually built into the framework of Windows now? You open up Windows Explorer etc and it has address bars for searching and what not.
Such a low blow from Mozilla, thought they would be better than that. :O_o1: