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Bullguard targets security conscious gamers

by Scott Bicheno on 2 September 2008, 22:05

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No more bull

According to a recent survey conducted by security software outfit Bullguard and gaming peripheral specialist SteelSeries, one fifth of gamers don't use any security software.

They reckon the main reason for this is the fear of the software interfering with their gaming and thus putting them at a competitive disadvantage.

So the two companies had a think and decided to co-brand a new flavour of security software that automatically switches to an optimised game profile whenever a supported game is started up. Essentially this means no pesky firewall messages and no resource-sapping updates suddenly kicking off, mid-frag.

"We currently support 80 of the most popular games in the world, including World of Warcraft and Age of Conan, and this number will increase as new games are released to the market," said Theis Søndergaard, CTO and co-founbder of BullGuard. "BullGuard makes profiles for all major game releases and pushes those out to our Gamer's Edition users, ensuring that their application will always be reliable and up-to-date." 

Gamer's edition looks like costing around 40 quid a year. The Bullguard announcement didn't specify if this product was going to offer the generous reseller rebates that have been instrumental in making vanilla Bullguard a success, but we would be surprised if it doesn't.


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Sounds like a load of bull.


Erm, if someone is worried about a firewall sapping resources then why aren't they using a hardware one that they just configure to allow the required game ports through? Or is this about automating the process so that you don't need to know how to go to portforward.com to figure it out?
Another day another gimmick… be funny to see how many saps are sucked into this one.

Windows firewall+defender are perfectly suited for anyone's needs tbh. They allow games and hardly use any extra resources since they are part of windows svchost processes. I do go a step further and use NOD32 for anti-virus protection but I prefer safety over 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000001 of a drop in FPS for my game.

Anti-viruses aren't that bad for resource usage that your game is going to be noticeably effected(well except for Norton, if you buy Norton you should be slapped anyway because its useless) and the windows security is good enough for the average user. All you need to do is set them not to automatically do scan once a week and just do them yourself when you go to bed… simple as that.