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Microsoft Edge 89 boosts performance, intros vertical tabs

by Mark Tyson on 5 March 2021, 13:11

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Microsoft continues to deliver on its commitment to make Edge "faster, leaner, and more efficient than ever before". In a blog post yesterday it outlined the improvements rolling out to the 'Stable 89' build and since there were so many of them, and they sounded useful, it is worthwhile covering the update here on HEXUS news. There seem to be four main changes being implemented in the browser to improve performance and efficient use of the browser.

One of the first performance updates you should feel the benefit of in the new Edge is due to 'Startup Boost'. This software tech enables Edge to spring into life from 29 to 41 per cent faster in Microsoft's own testing. "Startup boost does this by running a set of core Microsoft Edge processes in the background without adding additional resources when Microsoft Edge browser windows are open," explains Microsoft. You can learn more here.

Browser memory use can impact not just your browser performance but can bog-down the whole system. With this in mind Microsoft has implemented what it calls 'Sleeping Tabs' in Edge.

According to Microsoft testing the Sleeping Tabs feature will reduce memory use by 16 per cent on average and increases battery life on mobile devices by reducing CPU usage by 26 per cent on average. As you might expect the tech was built on the core of Chromium's 'freezing' technology, which pauses a tab’s script timers to minimize resource usage. By default, tabs go to sleep after two hours of inactivity, but that is user configurable, as is a list of sites which you choose to never sleep.

Vertical tabs help make better use of the typical monitor/laptop display's wide aspect. Of course people switch and resize windows, so it might not always be appropriate, but it looks like a quick and convenient toggle in the animations Microsoft provided as examples of Vertical tab usage.

Last but not least, you might appreciate the better history searching in Edge 89 Stable. The new history search drops down from the menu instead of disconnecting you from the page(s) you are currently browsing. This docks to the right of the browser window and should help you pick through and remember what exactly you are searching for.

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The thread sleep feature looks useful. Use to use an extension the great suspender to do the same until it got hijacked with malware…
89 tries so far? :P
Please make it real lean and just give us an uninstall option. ^_^b
Please make it real lean and just give us an uninstall option. ^_^b
You've been able to uninstall the Chromium version of Edge for sometime now, it's worth noting though that doing so will restore the links to the original Edge as that can't be uninstalled.
The best Chromium-based browser for me is still Vivaldi, which has had these customizations for a long time already (and many more). The only downside (on Linux) is no Wayland support, but it's getting there with Ozone (not that the X11 version is bad, far from it).